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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Cheats for PS2

Unlockable: Characters

To unlock the characters listed below, fulfill the accompanying the requirements.

Android #08 - Beat "Kindhearted Android" in "What If Saga"

Arale - Beat "Dream Match" in "What If Saga"

Babidi - Beat "Farewell to The Proud Warrior" in "Majin Buu Saga"

Cyborg General Tao - Win in the Otherworld Tournament (on level two)

Devilman - Beat "Unexpected Messiah" in "What If Saga"

Dr. Wheelo - Beat "Dr. Wheelo" in "Special Saga"

Fasha - Win in the Yamcha Game Tournament (on level three)

General Blue - Beat "Penguin Village" in "Dragon Ball Saga"

Future Gohan - Green Shenron's wish

Kid Chi-Chi - Red Shenron's wish

Kid Goku (GT) - Beat "Undead Monster" in "Dragon Ball GT Saga"

King Cold - Win in the Cell Games (on level three)

King Piccolo - Beat "Goku's Revenge" in "Dragon Ball Saga"

King Vegeta - Beat "Galaxy Battle" in "What If Saga"

Nail - Beat "Super Saiyan!?" in "Frieza Saga"

Nuova Shenron - Beat "6000 Degrees! Solar Warrior!"

Pilaf Machine - Win in the Martial Arts Big World Tournament (on level two)

Spopovich - Win in the World Tournament (on level three)

Tambourine - Beat "Goku's Revenge" in "Dragon Ball Saga"
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