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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motherload & Motherload: Goldium Edition Cheats

Motherload & Motherload: Goldium Edition Cheats
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Bogus Report: 

In either Challenge or Adventure mode open the 'Option' menu and type the following codes without the quotes to enable the corresponding. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation sound. 

Adds $100,000:
Type the code 'blingbling'. 

Unlock Max Upgrades & 99 of ALL Items:
Type the code 'ntouchable'. 

Refill Fuel:
Type the code 'fillerup'. 

Upgrades Engine to next best Engine:
Type the code 'warp9'. 

Upgrades Fuel Tank to next best Fuel Tank:
Type the code 'guzzle'. 

Upgrades Cargo Bay to next best Cargo Bay:
Type the code 'supersize'. 

Upgrades Radiator to next best Radiator:
Type the code 'toocool'. 

Upgrades Drill to next best Drill:
Type the code 'digdug'. 

Upgrades Hull to next best Hull:
Type the code 'penetrable'.

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