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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bastion Cheats, Codes & guides for Xbox 360

New Game Plus Mode

Beat the game to unlock the New Game Plus mode. In this mode your experience level, weapons and upgrades carry over. Additionally, you can build your structures in any order in the New Game Plus.

Weapon Upgrade Materials

Throughout The Kid's adventure in his post-Calamity world, he'll come upon special items that he can use in the Forge to upgrade his assortment of weapons. This is the list of materials that uniquely correspond to each weapon:

  • Something Heavy - Cael Hammer
  • Something Stringy - Breaker's Bow
  • Something Nasty - Fang Repeater
  • Something Sharp - War Machete
  • Something Coarse - Scrap Musket
  • Something Greasy - Dueling Pistols
  • Something Pointy - Brusher's Pike
  • Something Fancy - Army Carbine
  • Something Burnt - Galleon Mortar
  • Something Foul - Fire Bellows
  • Something Wrong - Calamity Cannon

Bullhead Court Gold Medal

Although it says the requirement for a gold medal is 2 or fewer hits, you can actually be hit 3 times and still receive the gold medal.

Breaker Barracks Gold Medal

If you upgrade the bow to have +50% damage, the second bow upgrade, you can destroy the targets in one shot, without needing a power shot, making the gold medal much easier. If you are short on upgrade materials, getting a bronze medal will give you one something stringy upgrade material.

Slinger Range Gold Medal

Having trouble with the Slinger Range Proving Ground? You can't get negative points, so shooting a little bit before the first target shows up can get you a few extra points that can make all the difference when going for a gold medal.

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