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Friday, August 12, 2011

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Hints for Xbox 360

Easy Pinkslip/Car wins. No Hacks or Live needed.

You can only do this glitch if you got at least 10 barrels. Before you race a race for a car go to options then to cheat modes and put unlimeted nitro on. You could race the race with unlimited nitro and still win the car. I found out that this doesn't work when your racing for money/wagers. only cars.

Jordan Jumpman Achievment

What the Achievement means: It seems difficult but it is fairly easy. All you need is 10 minutes of air time (600 seconds) *Note: It doesn't all have to be at once.

How To: When you are in the garage test drive the last motorcycle (2007 Ninja ZXI4). When you leave the garage go left right away and keep following the same road until you come to the tunnel. Once you are in the tunnel take the left exit and keep following that road for a bit. You will see a big white figure that is a type of canal or something. Treat the sides of the canal like a half pipe. Every side you hit gets you about 3 seconds. If you are curious about how much air time you have in total press the start button and you'll have to go back the the garage. Just take out your vehicle and press start again. Hit RB 3 times then go to statistics. Go to game Stats and go down to where it says Total Jump Time.

Awards: You get 10G and a new gamer picture.

drive the speed limit

If your not racing, you can drive the speed limit if you pull the R trigger half way

Midnight Club: LA Social Club Help

If you're trying to get the Audi R8 from the Midnight Club social club then heres a few tips to start you off:
One if the requirements includes you to damage out your car like 250 times. This is easy, as long as you have some sellotape handy. Line up your car with the ocean on an online cruise (so the cops don't come) and sellotape the right trigger in. Doing this will make your car drive into the ocean which damages it out straight away. When you respawn you'll still be facing the same way so you you can leave that for 20-30 minutes.
When that is completed go onto single player mode and do some highway races (preferably on green so they last like 30 seconds and you've got a sure fire win most of the time). By doing this you can aim to win 350 races AND, if you can, win 25 of them in a row and that will be another 2 requirements polished off for you.
Well I hope that this will have guided you closer towards earning that Audi R8
Hope I Helped Happy Gaming ;-)

Free Stuff

At the end of the game when you beat the city champion (50g, Retire The Champ) Karol calls you saying that he is selling half of his garage for 1 million dollars. When you get 1 million dollars you get this you will get 30g(I think!)Then Go onto your map and set Karol as your target. When you get to him it will say are you sure you want to pay 1 million dollars (or something like that). Say yes and then the credits will show and you will own Hollywood Auto and the garage near the beach. Enter either one of them and you will find that all the cars and parts for them are totally free!

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