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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clone Wars Adventures Cheats For Pc

Gungan Lightsaber

Go to Skip the video and then click on the 'Clone Wars Adventures' thingy on the bottom right-hand corner. It will take you to a login page, where you login with your Clone Wars account, then bam, free Gungan lightsaber

Member ship

On the clone wars adventures home page you scroll all the way down and type cwagift10 in the code box and then it will say make a new account and redeem your code or something like that you click on that and make a new account then you have membership


Sorry peeps bu the code for membership cwagift10 no longer works so try and buy star wars action figures with clone wars adventures sticker or get buy the membership

4 awesome cheats

Cheat1: cwagift10 (membership)
Cheat2: mcplaycwa (RA-7 droid)
Cheat3: jetpack01 (speeder)
Cheat4: secretmission (C-3PO)

Speeder bike

Go to redeem code and type jetpack01 and youll get a green speeder bike.I hope you enjoy your green speeder bike.

Ra-7 droid

To get this droid what you do is go to redeem a code and type in "mcplaycwa" and you get can get the attachments for him only if you are a jedi member

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