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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Xbox 360 : Record of Agarest War Zero Cheats

Unlimited Gold and Experience

An easy way to get Experience witout doing grinding is to turn off 'Show Movements' and 'Show Effects' at the 'Settings' menu. When you have done this press 'Select' to turn on 'Auto Battle'. You can then select a battle slightly further back in the story line and let the AI do your grinding for you. The AI is competent in using group attacks and healing as long as it is not too much of a challenge. The AI will Overkill often which provides bullions which can be converted at the blacksmith and sold for a lot of gold.

Unlockable Characters

To unlock secret characters, you need to complete the game and play through 'Generations' levels from the first game. Follow the instructions below for the full details:

To get First Generation Heroines, as well as Leonhardt and Ellis: Complete the first level in Trizon Fortress, as well as First Generation Lucrellia.

To get Second Generation Heroines, as well as Ladius: Complete Bethesda Fortress and Second Generation Graccia.

To get Third Generation Heroines, as well as Thoma: Complete First Generation.

To get Fourth Generation Heroines, as well as Duran: Complete Second Generation Loger Forest and Fourth Generation Enhambre.

To get Rex and Dyshana: Complete Second Generation Scarred Mountains and Fifth Generation Aegisthus.

Unlock Secret Characters

When you beat the game once and play each Generation from the first game Generations from the previous game will become unlocked after clearing certain events.

Unlock 1st Generation Heroines, Leonhardt and Ellis:
Clear the first Event in Trizon Fortress and Generation 1 - Lucrellia

Unlock 2nd Generation Heroines, and Ladius:
Clear Bethesda Fortress and 2nd Generation - Graccia

Unlock 3rd Generation Heroines, and Thoma:
Clear the First Generation

Unlock 4th Generation Heroines, and Duran:
Clear Loger Forest(Gen2), and Generation 4 - Enhambre

Unlock Rex and Dyshana:
Clear the Scarred Mountains(End of Gen2) and 5th Generation - Aegisthus

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